Zahlreiche Mittelständler und Konzernunternehmen nutzen bereits den China-Tracker.
Nachfolgend einige Beispielreferenzen:

Lapp Insulators

Auf Anfrage nennen wir Ihnen gern weitere Unternehmen.


Lapp Insulators (Germany)
“…provided all relevant information which Lapp Insulator required to clearly evaluate risks and chances of the Chinese insulator market…we have been impressed by the thorough analysis and your pragmatic and creative approach of “getting the work done”. It would have been difficult for us to achieve the same result…”
Dr. Bernhard Kahl, CEO

TWI International (Estonia)
“…the data and inside view has been a valuable part of our internal decision making process whether or not and how to work on the Chinese sales market…”
Ralph Husemann, Managing Director

Votorantim Cimentos China (Brazil)
“…you have provided logical reasoning for any discrepancies between forecasted raw material consumption figures and real consumption figures…the findings supported various decisions with regards to our cement plants in China…”
Fabio E. de Carvalho, CEO

VAT (Swiss)
“…the analysis was done properly but the winning point was your pragmatic approach in arranging personal visits to the companies and being the client’s eyes and ears in the market. With your Korean background you have achieved a much higher level of extracting the relevant information than what we could have achieved as foreigners. Our management highly valued your work and we have been very satisfied…”
Daniel Meyer, Head of Procurement

DÜRR Environmental and Energy Systems (Germany)
“…we were satisfied with the thorough investigation but in particular we appreciated your way of approaching the Chinese company… Thank you very much for your assistance in creating another piece of local footprint in the market…”
Harald Zysk, GM

Bauer Equipment Shanghai (Germany)
“…besides your professionalism and achievements of all our objectives we would like to show our special acknowledgement for the way you have handled the collaboration. You fully understood Bauer’s philosophy of doing business…with the finalization of the project we feel prepared for future challenges in the market. You have successfully proven to be a “Trusted Advisor”…”
Marc Scheib, CEO